New for 2022 TRICEPS ROPES EXTREME Performance! These completely reworked USA made ropes set a new standard in Double Tricep Ropes. Our top shelf workout ropes begin with a solid steel attachment Tang. Drilled with an extra large 1/2″ hole for fast cable hook ups. Next comes the finest rope USA makes! Choose from ultra soft and flexible double weave ‘Viper’ series, or more traditional Twisted Sisters in the three strand. Regardless of choice, you will be blown away by the super flexible easy gripping ropes! Adorned in shockingly bold colors you won’t find in other guys ropes. But that’s not all, we took the extra step to keep the ropes looking good. Workout after workout. As protected by rubberized gripping tubes. Which unlike rope can be easily cleaned with a sanitary wipe. Regarding hand stops forget about the typical plastic knobs found in web world. We went all out with industry first 3″ Steel Balls baked in Silver Blitz textured paint! So you can attack triceps lateral heads with a palms down grip. After thrashing the long heads with a hammer style rope hold.                              If your more serious about training results than a $9.95 rope suggests, then gear up with a tricep rope worthy of the cause.  Command the respect you deserve with a legit Double TRICEPS ROPE EXTREME Performance. Pro Grade USA made and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Order yours like right now!