TRIBELLS 4″ SINGLE Triceps Extension Cable Dome



FREE 2-3 day SHIPPING!!! Did you know? TRIBELLS Single 4 blows away common single triceps ropes. How so? It’s all in the grip! You see the patented ‘Sports Grip’ dome, combined with a ‘Freestyle Motion’ cable, unleashes muscles to perform at optimal levels of engagement. Completely unlike the hammer style grip on thick non flexible triceps rope. Which locks arms into motion limited movement. End result is rep for rep, TRIBELLS Single 4 delivers far better strengthening and conditioning than common ropes. To use simply attach a TRIBELLS  to a cable machine pulley. Next grip the dome like a ball. Then bend elbow, straighten, and extend against the cable weight stack to inflame for serious gain. Remember to match weight and reps for each arm to build symmetrical triceps and blazing forearm power. Get freakish weight lifting results fast with a TRIBELLS Single 4. Commercial grade, 500# pull rated, and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. US Patent # 8,491,448 B2 TM    (*see image for single 4″ vs. 6″ size comparison)