TRIBELLS 4″ & 6″ DOUBLE Triceps Cable Domes



FREE 2-3 day SHIPPING!!Torch Triceps like thick, inflexible double ropes never could with TRIBELLS. These Hi-Tech hemispheres beg you to throw down against cable weight stacks with hell fire intensity. Inflame the gain for bodybuilder triceps and blazing forearm power. Fact is TRIBELLS ‘Sports Grip’ domes unleash muscles for freakish results. These ‘No Less than Excess’ training tools are perfect for Sport Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, and more, TRIBELLS 4″ or 6″ DOUBLES attach to any cable exercise machine. Easily carried to the gym, TRIBELLS 4″ or 6″ DOUBLE Triceps Cables gripping domes are perfect for Rope Pull Downs, Cable Rope Extension, and Tricep Ropes Press Down style exercises.TRIBELLS are Commercial Grade, USA made, and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. US Patent # 8,491,448 B2 TM