Triceps extend with a TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE or DOUBLE WIDE ‘PLUS’ to discover just how lame double tricep ropes really are. For unlike those, TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE Triceps Cables utilize a 12″ wide steel span to keep hands separated during exercise. For optimal triceps isolation. Combine that with a Patented ‘Sports Grip’ to get even more triceps muscles activation. Add again an ultra thin suspension cable for a destabilizing effect that forces muscles into overdrive and understand the true meaning of TRIBELLS hell!. But there’s even more! Opt in for the Double Wide ‘PLUS’ style yoke and get next level ‘Super Set’ capability! Imagine this… you pin the weight stack for a set of TRIBELLS Sports Grip Dome extensions. Immediately upon last rep completion, load a few more plates, grip the Double Wide ‘Plus’ Handles, and rip out a follow up set of Press Downs like you would with a bar. Now that’s sweet! One workout will convince that TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE Triceps Cable Domes are the ‘go to’ choice for those who seek NO Less than Excess! Buy yours now and forge a set of cast iron arms in the fires of TRIBELLS hell! TRIBELLS 4 & 6″ Double Wide Triceps Cable Domes are USA made, Commercial Grade and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.   US Patent#8,491,448 B2