FREE 2-3 day SHIPPING!! Rope extension with a TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE. To discover for yourself just how lame double tricep ropes are compared to Hi-Tech TRIBELLS. For unlike common black ropes, TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE Triceps Cables utilize a 12″ wide steel span to keep hands separated during exercise for superior triceps isolation. Ultra thin wire rope cables stimulate muscles even more with a destabilizing effect that forces body to maintain control of the exercise. All of which make TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE Triceps Cables the go to choice for bodybuilder and athletic style triceps workouts. Experience the movement freedom and hypertrophy inducing effects of TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE Triceps Cables. And forge a set of cast iron arms in the fires of TRIBELL hell. TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE Triceps Cables (yellow tubing per item image) are commercial grade with lifetime replacement warranty.   US Patent#8,491,448 B2