TRIBELLS 6″ SINGLE Triceps Extension Cable Handle



  Generation 2 New Improved design with FREE 2-3 day SHIPPING!!! Hey! Wouldn’t an exercise to replace awkward dumbbell extensions rock? Step up to the superior way to perform Standing, Seated, and Lying Overhead Dumbbell Extension exercises.The TRIBELLS 6″ SINGLE is that long awaited triceps exercise option. Gain the upper hand on performance with a TRIBELLS 6″ SINGLE. Simply place hands on the Hi-Tech gripping dome. Then torch triceps with Relentless Cable Weight Stack Tension. Forget about less effective dumbbell resistance. It relies only upon gravity and leverage which change throughout the exercise range of motion. Why not attack weight stacks instead without fear of landing heavy dumbbells with tired arms? Just hook up, set weight, and take hold of the Hi-Tech Gripping Dome. Grip palms down with cable between thumbs and index fingers. Then explode against resistance. When finished just walk away. Knowing you got what you came for and more! TriBells Hell? Know it well with a TRIBELLS 6″ SINGLE! Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. US Patent# 8,491,448,B2   TM