TACTI- TRICEPS ‘Single’ Triceps Cable Press Down Grip



FREE 2-3 day SHIPPING!!! Zero in on balanced triceps growth with patented TACTI-TRICEPS SINGLE. The tactical triceps cable grip designed to correct triceps ropes induced muscular imbalances. To use just lock TACTI-TRICEPS SINGLE to any cable machine, Load weight stack, grip, extend, and force each arm to perform the same weight, sets, and repetitions. While remaining on target with good training form. Made easy with TACTI-TRICEPS SINGLE ultra flexible cable suspension. Win your war for muscular equality and take a balanced approach to upper arm cable workouts with a genuine TACTI-TRICEPS SINGLE.  For use with all common cable resistance machines. TACTI-TRICEPS SINGLE are USA made and feature a full lifetime replacement warranty. US Patent # 9,526,943 TM

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