Tacti-Triceps Double



Patented TACTI-TRICEPs DOUBLE cable grips were designed to outperform dual triceps ropes in every way. The first advancement are ergonomic rubber grips with heel rests. Perfectly formed to hold the human hand when the going get’s heavy. The second TACTI-TRICEP benefit are Ultra thin cables which release muscles like fat ropes never could. For game changing muscle targeting and isolation. Making TACTI-TRICEP DOUBLE cable grips the natural choice for Sport Conditioning , Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, and Resistance training. To use TACTI-TRICEP simply attach to a cable exercise machine, set weight, grip, and extend. Small enough to carry in a gym bag, TACTI-TRICEP DOUBLE cable grips are the perfect arm day training partner. USA Made with Lifetime Replacement warranty. US Patent #9,526,943 TM

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