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Torch Triceps like thick, inflexible ropes never could with TRIBELLS. The Hi-Tech hemispheres you sport grip like a ball, to throw down against cable weight stacks with hell fire intensity. Inflame the gain for bodybuilder triceps and blazing forearm power with TRIBELLS ultra thin cable suspension that unleashes muscles for freakish results. Just bend and triceps extend to incinerate muscles with the dual hand TRI-BELLS 6′′ Single, to forget about awkward dumbbell triceps extension exercises forever! Or reach for a TRIBELLS 4′′ Single to isolate and ignite individual Triceps, Forearms, and Hands. Then light up both arms again with a 4′′ Double, Double ‘Wide’, or Double ‘Live’ twins model guaranteed to smoke arms with all common triceps rope extension exercises. TRIBELLS are 500# pull rated and feature a full lifetime replacement guarantee. US Patent # 8,491,448 B2 TM