If Triceps Ropes are a joke what are we doing here? Let’s just say training with Grand Dad era Triceps Ropes kind of got old. You see we like you, are continually seeking out the most potent training tools available in our war for more. And frankly worn out triceps rope workouts were hardly motivating new levels of grow. Greedy for gains we knew there had to be a better way. But in vain our search began and ended with you guessed it, black triceps ropes. It was clearly time to devise revolutionary new ways to bend and extend. The end result of our efforts are patented and patent pending redesigns composed of Hi Tech gripping domes & ergonomic handles, suspended from ultra thin, freestyle cables. Creations so liberating they are capable of precision targeting not only the Triceps, but can also condition wrists and hands like thick, inflexible triceps ropes never could. And so you see Tribells, Tacti-Triceps, and even our born again version of the Triceps Rope all speak loud and clear as to who we are and why we’re here. Rest assured after that next arm shredding workout, you’ll understand why you came.