Are you in a war for more? Then gear up for next level 'Extension Dimensions' with Your one stop shop for other worldly Triceps creations. From TRICEPS ROPES Extreme Duty doubles, to recently released Triceps Rope Dynamic and Convertible Plus, we've got things completely in hand. Add to those TRIBELLS. Featuring a unique palm down 'Sports Grip' as suspended from a 'Freestyle Motion' cable. That clearly outperforms common triceps ropes and dumbbell extensions. But thats not all! Slay weak triceps with the tactical precision of TACTI-TRICEPS AR15 style grip, combined with a Freestyle 1000# strong cable suspension. Then finish the fight with genuine HOG LEGS cable machine triceps bars in multiple grip sizes and styles. Regardless of which weapons selected, you can rest assured goods will never bore, break, or otherwise fail to perform as advertised. The battle is yours so order like right now! All products are commercial grade and completely backed with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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